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Welcome to withaghost, a journal specifically made for art, icons, textures, brushes, etc. Please do not spam here or advertise here. This is for the owner's artwork only. Please feel free to take a look around! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

This journal is amorousfear's icon journal. If you would like to be notified of updates to my artwork or icons, you can friend this journal and see the updates on your friends page. If you take any icons or other art from here, please credit where credit is due. You can credit with either amorousfear or withaghost. No real life issues will be in this journal, only art.

Usage Policy
You can take, but please credit with either amorousfear or withaghost. This applies to anything, including headers, icons, textures, etc. Also, I used to thank people individually in every post but I've decided not to do that anymore as there's just too many of you and it gets repetitive. But please know that I'm thanking every one of you in advance for anything you take or any feedback you give (whether it be constructive crit or positive)! <3333

if you want to nominate me for anything, you don't have to ask. I promise I won't object to any nominations. Unless it's for something like Suckiest Icon Ever, then I might object. :)

If you would like to see more icons, you can check amorousfear's memories.

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